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Goodbye, Adobe. Hello, Figma! 👋


Figma connects everybody involved in the creation process, allowing teams to deliver improved products more quickly. Figma is a browser-based application that requires no setup or plugins.

Instead of managing multiple documents, Figma treats files as links that are constantly in sync. Figma is compatible with any operating system which supports an internet browser.

Figma is compatible with Macs, Windows PCs, Linux machines, and even Chromebooks. This is the only tool available of its kind that does something like this, and even in shops where different working systems are used, everyone can share, allow access, and modify Figma files.

The majority, maybe not all, of Figma’s functionality is addressed in its accessible online video instruction. The webpage describes how grids operate, what colors are available, and so forth. Figma has a fantastic network of designers and developers that make plugins for creators and share their creations for others to utilize. To be capable of designing using Figma, all you need is a good browser and internet connectivity.

You may still operate despite the absence of internet service, and it will immediately save whenever the device is connected. Figma instantly turns platform-independent by functioning within the web. Figma is the sole platform that combines sophisticated design elements you already use with a more efficient process. Make consistent Styles for color, text, grid, and effects. Use them on any content or object in all of your activities.

Figma employs design systems because having a single source of information is the smartest option you can make to maintain control over all aspects of your product’s creation. It’s ideal if you work alone or as part of a quickly expanding team. It will merely assist you in keeping all inside initiatives and external partners on the same page with the “design language.” Furthermore, by using the proposed design, you will get faster outcomes while increasing uniformity across all products.

The majority of the structural components of Figma are specified in Styles, which include Colors, Text, and now even Effects. You may make them easily accessible like a Library. As you create, you may change the layouts for items like Text, Stroke, as well as Effects within your Inspector. Figma seems to be the Google Docs for design software.

You’ll never wish to work on a design process without interacting in real time with other artists, developers, and customers. Anyone may follow your work, remark, and even contribute as you turn your pixels to reality if you upload your idea with them. Everything that you do in Figma is immediately kept in the archives for you. To put things in order, you can manually submit a version.

Although most tools nowadays focus just on hype machines of innovative capabilities, Figma focuses on a robust workflow with unrivaled speed. Figma, which was born within the browser, assists the overall product team in creating, testing, and shipping better designs quicker. Figma enhances creative efficiency while putting everybody on the same level, whether you’re attempting to simplify tools, get extra eyes on your project, or cooperate across time differences.

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